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コンフィ入りのサラダ。Pork confit salad. The homemade focaccia is really good!
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お魚ランチ。ココナッツパナコッタ。Fish lunch. Coconut panna cotta.

060319 015.jpgFish lunch set is 1700yen. There is only one chef cooking everything and a madam serving. It wasn’t particularly crowded on a weekday, yet it was a loooooooong wait for each course. I was alone and was eating fast, yet it took more than 1 hour to get to the coffee at the end, most of the time waiting. I did get a little grumpy but every dish was prepared whole-heartedly, so I guess I should only go to this restaurant when I have a lot of time and with friends.

3 thoughts on “KITCHEN 胡

  1. wow how can it sustain when it’s busy hour? The chef doesn’t need team of assistants at slower time? The dessert looks so good, are those ‘natto beans’ ?

  2. 一人は辛かったですね!!

  3. やっこさん>

    It is quite a walk from the station, located in a not so busy area. I guess they will just make the customers wait and take their time preparing the food. The 3 girls in the table nearby were obviously very bored while waiting(their conversation kinda died down halfway ^^;;;), and there was a woman eating at the counter alone and she didn’t have a book with her and she looked so miserable! At least I had a magazine with me.

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