A・RAJ (エー・ラージ)

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マドラス パロータ(キーマと野菜、玉子入りパロータ)。
Paratha stuffed with chicken, egg and vegetable. Super yummy!
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サンバール ワダ(豆粉のスパイシードーナツ 野菜入り豆カレーがけ)。シェフのサラダ。
Vada made of lentil flour topped with vegetable and beans curry. Chef’s salad.
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キーマ サモサ(ひき肉入り インド風揚げギョウザ)。クリームソース漬けのタンドーリーキチン。
Kheema Samosa. Cream sauce Tandoori chicken.
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Dosa stuffed with spicy potatoes. Dosa stuffed with onions.
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Rice pancake topped with onions. Minced chicken and spinach curry.
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Mutton curry. Tamarind Rice.
Everything tasted great! And very cheap too. Shared between 4 people. Including drinks, about 4000yen per person.

2 thoughts on “A・RAJ (エー・ラージ)

  1. Looks AMAZING! I never had good Indian food before so never crave it, but looking at this made my mouth water! The crepe-like thing look so yummy! So is the tamarind Rice~ *O*

  2. The square pancake is my favourite! The tamarind rice is sour, but goes well with the salty curry~~

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