MANUEL cozinha portuguesa (マヌエル・コジーニャ・ポルトゲーザ)

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Lunch in a Portuguese restaurant. Dried cod and pig ear soup. Dried cod croquette.
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Pig ear salad. Pork and beans stew.
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Dried cod risotto. Rice Pudding.
So this is Portuguese cuisine. The only Portuguese food I know is of course those curry cream sauce chicken so common in HK. Have been to Macau a couple of times but the Portuguese food I had there were just like HK cafe food, definitely no dried cod and pig ear. ^^;;
MANUEL cozinha portuguesa

2 thoughts on “MANUEL cozinha portuguesa (マヌエル・コジーニャ・ポルトゲーザ)

  1. The appertizer + soup + main dish are all dried cod and pig ear combine, is it the theme of the day? I didn’t know they eat pig ear. The risotto looks more like stew~
    hehe Portugese curry cream chicken IS a HK cafe regular~

  2. It was a large party with like 10 people, so maybe it was hard to serve a variety of recipes…

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