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フローズンダイキリ。Frozen Daiquiri.
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Baked blue cheese cake. Fruits and Mascarpone parfait.
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White chocolate and banana parfait. Framboise souffle glace.
A nice cafe bar with modern interior that makes you forget you are in the middle of the dirty and crowded Ikebukuro on a weekend evening. 4 of us were in the mood for cakes besides cocktails. At first we didn’t expect the quality of the cakes to be that high since afterall it was a bar. But the cakes we ordered were all so nice!!! I had the blue cheese cake and it had the richest blue cheese flavour I had ever tasted! Also the cakes were all very reasonably priced. The cocktails were good and inexpensive too. This place was really a nice surprise.

8 thoughts on “O’gazie

  1. yeah looks very, very fashionable for ikebukuro!! 😀
    also blue cheese cake!? haha, I can’t imagine japanese people eating blue cheese, but the cake must be really good to be on the menu ^0^

  2. しんぷさん>

    Blue cheese cake is quite common I thought? But usually the blue cheese taste is light, unlike this one which is very rich.

  3. Happy super belated birthday! I remember yours is days before mine, but I SUCK at remembering dates (the twins’ I remember because there are two of them)! Don’t kill me, and it IS amazing Inoka remembers your birthday because usually she doesn’t remember anything X-D

    These cakes look sooooooooooo nice, the place looks comfy and un-bar-like too ^^

  4. anone….I do remember things ok~~
    and…her Bday is same as A chan…XD

    BTW… we can go here next time ah…
    hahaha~~~Ikebukuro~~you know I love there hehehe

  5. Hey RP, how are you??
    Happy Belated Birthday to you too!
    Too bad we are in different countries otherwise we could all celebrate our birthdays in March~~
    Actually my mother’s birthday was yesterday and my sister phoned me to remind me beforehand since she knows me well…but still I forgot to call my mom!!!!! -o-;;;

    Inoka, oh yeah! Get a hotel in Ikebukuro and we can go out easier!

  6. What a treat~ It’s the ultimate girly place: cocktail + cake. ^O^ Why aren’t there more of this? The interior is like a nice modern home, very very nice~ Ooh Blue cheese cake sounds so good, I’ve never had it (not so common? ^^;) so it taste very strong? The Framboise souffle looks so puffy and cute *O*

  7. It was very empty on a Saturday night, I wonder why. Oh btw, the guy sitting a table away was bluffing politics to his girl company and we couldn’t help from overhearing and rolling our eyes, hahaha~~! ^^;;

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