Pirouette (ピルエット)

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060329 026.jpgモンブラン、レモンのタルト、パリプレスト。Mont Blanc, Tarte de Citron and Paris-Brest Frase. For tea I had the Wedding Imperial, which has a chocolate and caramel flavour(but not sweet). The cakes were so-so. The tea was good but I think it was left too long in the tea-pot and was already very bitter when it was served, and it got more and more bitter as time went….even I like my tea bitter, it was a bit hard to drink.

3 thoughts on “Pirouette (ピルエット)

  1. Work been very crazy lately, so no time to go have good food (and blogging) Y_Y

    What is Wedding imperial? The tea should be left for about 3-4 mintues, otherwise it’ll get bitter.

  2. Hmm? Wedding Imperial is the name of the tea. Can’t remember which country it is from…

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