Bel-Air Produced by TOTAL Workout

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High protein, low fat and low carbo deli restaurant produced by a gym(in the pic). The deli plate is 1000yen which you can choose from a selection of deli food, or you can have a bit of everything which is what I did, turned out to be a big plate. Taste-wise…well…I guess taste is not the point. ^^;; I was just curious…never stepped into the gym(oh god no…).

4 thoughts on “Bel-Air Produced by TOTAL Workout

  1. Sound so LA ^^;; even called “Bel-Air”! Isn’t it totally ironic to eat in front of ppl working out in the gym (vice versa). You don’t have to be a member to eat there?

  2. やっこさん>

    The food is high protein so it is supposed to help body-building and therefore not so ironic I think? It would be strange eating foie gras or tempura in front of people working out. ^^;; You don’t need to be a member to eat there. I didn’t “look” for it, just walked by during dinner time and thought why not. What does Bel-Air mean?? ^^;;

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