Sadeu (CLOSED)

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昆布風味、鶏チャーシュー丼、1260円。桜寒天と黒糖プリンの抹茶パフェ、1260円。Chicken rice bowl. Sakura kanten and black sugar pudding macha parfait. Both taste so-so. The parfait glass is too heavy at the top and too thin at the bottom that it threatens to topple any minute(bad design), and I really don’t like the pudding and the cereal in the parfait….

3 thoughts on “Sadeu (CLOSED)

  1. What are those red thin slices are? I’m very interested in ‘toppings’ now, and wonder if I can buy them, makes a difference in your cooking ^^;;

  2. このパフェですね~

  3. やっこさん>

    Those red thing is chilli!! But it is not that spicy~ more like edible decoration. ^^;;

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