EL CAMINITO(エル・カミニート@赤羽橋)

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My second visit to this Argentine restaurant. Meat pie, I had last time. The pizza…I took the photo but I ended up forgetting to grab a piece before it ran out…damn…
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Normal sausage and pork blood sausage. Lentil stew.
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Sirloin steak. Beef cutlet.
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Risotto. Pudding and milk cream that tasted like caramel. Ice-cream with whisky! The Argentine waitress speaks perfect Japanese but has an attitude!! ^^;; Very friendly though.
El Caminito

4 thoughts on “EL CAMINITO(エル・カミニート@赤羽橋)

  1. これぞ、ガッツリ系だね!!

  2. いや~本当だ!!(笑)

  3. I remember this place! (the flash lighing and gigantic portion and all that rough big edge is very unlike your usual delicate and pretty pictures of food ^^;;;) Are the meat pies called empanadas? Pork blood sausage!!!
    I was going to try this argentina pastry place (called “empanada” haha) today at lunch but they were closed on Mondays XO!!!!

  4. Yeah! The meat pies are called Empanadas, filled with beef, onion, olives and eggs, very nice! It is the most delicious thing among all the stuff we tried. You should go try that argentina pastry place! I wonder if there are more varieties.

    Flash does look very ugly~~but the place was dark plus the food were all in dark colours.

    We asked the waitress for recommendations, cos the menu has lots of different stuff including seafood, but she said just order the meat and forget the others, cos Argentine people don’t eat fish. ^^;;;

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