Delhi Ueno-ten (デリー上野店)

0605027 021.jpgバターチキン、1000円。 Butter chicken curry, good good, but it is actually not cheap for a simple curry with only two pieces of chicken in it. ^^;;

060412 035.jpgカシミールカレー、900円。Kashmir chicken curry. The hottest curry on the menu and it was devilishly hot….tongue numb, nose running as usual…very good though(the first few spoonfuls).

4 thoughts on “Delhi Ueno-ten (デリー上野店)

  1. 本当だ!結構お値段高めだね

  2. 本当に値段以外はラーメン屋みたいだね!並ぶし!

  3. I’m those people who don’t mind (actually prefer) if my curry came with little meat (just need a little meat for flavor). I’m easy to satisfy in this sense. ^^;;

  4. I don’t mind curry with very little ingredients too, as long as it is cheap, while this place is not…^^;;;

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