Lauburu (ローブリュー)

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A country-style French restaurant specialised in pork. Reviews on the internet are always full of gasps on how huge how massive the portions are, so I was really looking forward to get totally stuffed. 2 of us decided to share just one appetizer and two main courses, and desserts later.
Appetizer: country-style pate. The picture is half portion. To be honest I was a bit shocked how thin it was…I needn’t to have worried at all, I could easily finish one portion myself. Anyway, it was good, liver and meat and fat all in good balance. Unfortunately the baguette they served was unbelievably hard and dry and impossible to eat…hmm. The snack was fried pork skin, didn’t dare eating too much even though it was good with wine(^^;).
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Pork rib roast was wonderful! Very juicy and tender. It was over 3400yen, definitely not cheap, and the portion was supposed to be large, so I was a bit disappointed when it came out “normal size”. The pork knuckle confit was about 2800yen, and it was just as I pictured it, very huge! But then the center bone was big, and most of the edible part was all fats with very little meat, my friend didn’t want to eat the fats part so basically I had to finish it…err…I was not that full and I do like fatty pork, but meatless plain fats always get me a little sick(^^;;).
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Gateau basque, a bit old and stale…hmm. Creme brulee is very simple but very good! With a glass of wine each, it was 6000yen per person.

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  1. うーん・・・・でかいよ!!!


  2. The portion looks big~ you PIG!! XD
    This is a lot of meat, pate and pork~~

  3. しんぷさん、やっこさん>

    Okay, I am a pig……pig eats pork err….(^^;;;)
    Hey, went to this place with Miss. I, she was not full either!!

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