Alla Cucina Del Sole (アッラ・クチーナ・デル・ソーレ)

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サンダニエッレの生ハム 手切りで。ヤリイカとボタン海老のセモリナ粉揚げ。
Prosciutto. Calamari and prawn fritter.
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Vegetables in garlic and anchovy sauce. Stuffed Zucchini blossoms( with mozzarella cheese), mountain udo(asparagus-like vegetable), and young corn fritter. Both are very good!
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Tagliolini with vegetable ragu and mozzarella. Strozzapretti with white sesame and vegetables in gorgonzola cream sauce. The hand-made strozzapretti has nice chewy texture which I like, but the white sesame is a bit too heavy, and not much of gorgonzola taste.
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060615 017.jpgカボチャとリコッタを詰めたトルテローニ、生トマトとクリームのソース。穀物、豆、野菜たっぷりのリゾット。ふっこの塩焼き。Tortelloni stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta cheese, fresh tomato cream sauce. Legumi risotto. Grilled sea bass.

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デザートの盛り合わせ、チョコレートティラミス、ミルクアイス、バナナパンナコッタなど。 Chocolate tiramisu, milk ice-cream, pudding, banana panna cotta(in a glass) etc. Shared between 5 people, including wine, about 8000yen each.
Alla Cucina Del Sole

2 thoughts on “Alla Cucina Del Sole (アッラ・クチーナ・デル・ソーレ)

  1. The appertizers all look so good! The Strozzapretti and Tortelloni seems so heavy. It’s good to share with more people so you get to try diff pastas. To eat that Strozzapretti alone…after few bites you’d probably get stuffed and enough…^^;;

  2. Yeah, I think one-third of each dish would be perfect, though we shared one-fifth, that is like one bite, so I actually don’t remember how some of the pasta tasted…^^;;

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