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When I heard it was going to be Japanese-styled French, I was a bit skeptical. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting high, this place turned out to be wonderful! The European garden interior was lovely, every dish in the course was delicious, and the portion was not too small either(^^;;). There was no written menu so just what I can remember:
Paprika mousse, ikura and consomme jelly on top.
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Prawn(raw), grilled avocado(seasoned, and still warm when it came out, very nice!) with tomato sauce. Cold carrot soup with pistachio oil.
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Anago and vegetable fritter(the batter had curry flavour!), soy bean and garlic sauce(very unique!). Pork belly in red wine sauce, this sounded so simple yet the fat and meat were well-balanced and the surface was grilled crispy, heaven~! My friends were all very full and couldn’t finish the pork so I ended up finishing for them. ^^;;
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Dried fruit kanten(gelatin), passion fruit seeds, and lemon liqueur(probably) sorbet. So refreshing! Caramel pudding. Again this looked and sounded so simple yet oh it was so creamy so smooth so delicious! There were coconut bits inside the pudding too. Everything is in the 3675yen lunch course, good value.

9 thoughts on “HERLEQUIN (エルルカン)

  1. ソースの組み合わせが面白いね~

  2. おお、こちらでしたかーーー


  3. やっこさん>


  4. 美味しかったねぇ~♪



  5. JMノボさん>

  6. Japanese + French would sound tempting to me (even more than just classic French, but that’s just because French are rare and not good here in LA) ^^;; But yeah that’s such a good fusion as Japanese cuisine’s subtlety and ingredients are great compliment to French’s. That pork belly~~ looks so tempting! I like the delicate details you describe in the ‘seemingly plain’ dishes, that’s what’s most impressive!

  7. Describing taste of food is really hard, don’t you think?? I admire people who can write paragraphs after paragraphs about a bowl of noodles or something, though I won’t bother to read…^^;; Afterall what I want to know is: Is it good or not?!

    You know you should try Californian food, I am betting this place can also be called Californian!!

  8. I know…I can’t write and describe food, hence relying on picture. I rarely read long ass writings on food too. I can’t fathom how those celebs on Japanese food program could think of so many analogy and expression to express their esctasy while tasting ^^;; (hey if they want more on-air time, better master the art of describe food and get booked up them). Though a friend told me some writer, like Haruki Murakami, could describe food sooooo good that your mouth watered as you read.

  9. The comments in those Japanese gourmet programs are nothing special, always the same bullshit I thought. ^^;; Haruki Murakami, as in 村上春樹?? I didn’t know he writes about food as well! Can’t imagine how words, without the visual, can make your mouth water…

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