Elio Locanda Italiana(半蔵門)

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Vegetables soup. A small salad too, not in picture.
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Tagliatelle with zucchini. Ricotta cheese cake. Quite good value for so much food – the portions are big! Overall taste is basic, but there are a lot vegetables and it feels healthy. An Italian friend of mine recommended me this place, said it was very authentic. I went on a weekday lunchtime quite late and it was still packed with customers, mostly foreigners, probably because the British embassy is nearby? Most of waiters are Italian too, and the atmosphere is very lively, in fact I have never been to an Italian restaurant in Japan noisier than this place…felt like I was in dim-sum place!!(^^;;) Maybe they are used to serving businessmen with very limited time for lunch, each dish came quickly(but not until I finished the previous). I went into the restaurant at half past and I was able to leave at five past! 35 minutes!
Elio Locanda Italiana

2 thoughts on “Elio Locanda Italiana(半蔵門)

  1. Italian restaruatn should be very noisy and lively~~ 😀 The food looks very real (as in not presentation, down to earth, big portion)! The bread alone…they gave you so much for one person!

  2. Yeah Japanese Italian restaurants are too quiet too snobby too pretentious and too little portion!! ^^;; I took my Italian friend to an Italian restaurant in Shibuya(I took Joan there before!) and he had a “culture shock”…

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