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Pear tart. This dessert place is one station away from the bagel shop “Pomme de Terre”. I have walked that distance before and it felt really near, estimated 15~20 minutes at the most, so I dragged my friend there after the bagel lunch….but it felt soooooo far this time! When we sat down in the dessert place, we realised we had walked for 45 minutes…..The cakes were not bad but probably not worth the effort….oops….hoho….^^;;

4 thoughts on “Anglaise(デザートサロン・アングレーズ@荻窪)

  1. いっぱい歩いたよね~!!猛暑でなくて良かった

  2. must be the heat and crowd that made the walk extra long ^^;;
    The top seems very burnt~

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