Good Honest Grub

060722 004.jpgエッグズ・ベネディクト(サーモンと野菜グリル)、1400円。Finally found a place that does egg benedict and someone willing to go with me! I was going to order 3 eggs, but the waitress said that would be too much, so I just got salmon and grilled vegetables and gave up spinach, but it turned out to be not that big afterall. Taste-wise….also pretty normal? The muffins, the eggs and the grilled vegetables were probably pre-made? Not that fresh, not that hot. Salad was not included and only grilled potatoes, a bit bland to finish. Hmm.
Good Honest Grub

5 thoughts on “Good Honest Grub

  1. でた~!!やっと念願成就??(笑)

  2. ホーランディズソースって書いてあった、卵とバターだね。

  3. haha yeah breakfast food!!! egg benedict!!!! XD
    The sauce deson’t look creamy/light color as hollandaise usually look

  4. Ha…the name of the restaurant “good honest grub” is great. Sounds like not that good nor honest? The sauce of the Egg Benedict doesn’t look right at all! In fact looks totally different from the pix on their website. Their menu (based on pix on website) seems very very LA!

  5. I know….it looks completely different from what you guys had…and isn’t it a bit expensive even for Japan standard? Thus my quest for the real thing continues…

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