Pomme de terre(ポムドテール@西荻窪)

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060723 018.jpgヴィシソワーズ。ドフィノワ(じゃがいものクリーム煮)と地鶏とズッキーニのグラタン、ほうれん草ベーグル、1050円。テイクアウト:黒糖ときなこ、コーヒーとレーズン、キャラメルチョコ、むらさき芋、レモンポム、チーズ胡椒、イチジク。
Back to this super delicious bagel place with a friend(see tag for old entry). We went there about 20 minutes before the shop opened at 12, the queue was shorter than last time, but unfortunately the people before us(about 10 people) were all going to eat-in and we couldn’t fit into the first round! Waiting for the second round would mean having to wait for at least an hour, and the shop staff refused to let us put down our names and perhaps wait in a coffee shop nearby or something….we hesitated but it was a long way there and stupid us, we didn’t prepare a Plan B….so we ended up waiting outside the shop, standing and starving and hot, staring at other people’s food through the window for an hour. ^^;; Potato soup came with the lunch set. I had the potato and chicken and zucchini gratin, which was alright. The salad however was very delicious. And of course the freshly baked spinach bagel, the thing we came for, hot from the oven, was very very good. Bought loads to take away too – black sugar and soybean flour, coffee and raisin, caramel and chocolate, taro, lemon apple, cheese pepper, and fig. But I think this will be my last time coming here…just too much effort. ^^;;
Pomme de terre

6 thoughts on “Pomme de terre(ポムドテール@西荻窪)

  1. あれだけ、二度目はナイ!なんて言い張っていた私ですが、

  2. なははは~

  3. う~ん、全然別物だけど、私は○1かな~

  4. ○1の方がベーグル!って感じなんだ。

  5. That is CRAZY what you’d “endure’ for their food!!! ^^;;;; That is too much effort for bagel~~~

    My god LA has been hit with this record breaking heat wave…it’s like hell out there. Over the weekend we unwisely went to a place where we have to walk outside…my god… it’s like 45c/111F or something, assaulted by killer sun that hurt your skin and being baked in oven. I’m surprise my contact lens didn’t melt.

  6. At least you guys mostly move around by car, unlike in Japan you need to walk so much. It was raining and actually quite cool a few days ago but today it is soooooo hot again.

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