Restaurant Provence(closed)

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Vichyssoise(potato potage).
Royale de Foie Gras(the glass one, like foie gras flan), Lentil with Pancetta.
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Filet de St Pierre(Matodai or Targetfish), petite aubergine fondante, yuzu flavour.
Duck Aiguillette, with turnip and radish.

060803 093.jpgLa pyramide de Chocolat Gianduja, with citrus sorbet.

Supposed to be a spice fair, where cumin, curry, coriandar etc are used in the course…but couldn’t taste the spice that much. Lunch course was 3800yen. The bread was good, the white wine was good, the dessert was not bad, but the others…not much impression.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Provence(closed)

  1. The cherry sauce at the dessert was drawn like a ‘ghost’ ^^;; The ingredients of all the dishes sounds interesting (turnip, lentil, foie gras flan~), yet the taste doesn’t give much impression to you? Hmm doesn’t look like it has spice either, are you sure you order the right course? ^^;;;

  2. The pancetta tastes the spice cumin, and there is a tiny bit of cumin(maybe?) powder on the foie gras flan, and the fish smells curry at first, but doesn’t taste that strong…

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