Aigre Douce (エーグルドゥース@目白)

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カスレット(シュー生地の中にキャラメル風味のバナナ入りのカスタード)、ティラミス フィグ、チーズケーキ。ケークキャラメル。
Left: The crust is the same as that of cream puffs, the surface is the crispy sugar layer like that of creme brulee, and the inside is caramelised banana and custard cream. I like this one the most. Top: “Tiramisu fig”, sponge at the bottom is soaked with alcohol(rum?) and mixed with fig, then cheese cream all the way up, a little chocolate powder and fig slices on the surface. Right: Cheese cake, hmm pretty mild and normal. Take-way: Caramel cake. The surface is caramel-glazed and very hard. The whole cake is basically caramel and more caramel…one small slice would be delicious, but I had to finish the whole cake by myself….(nobody’s fault ^^;;;)
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Second visit! Mille-feuille: the pie is crispy and nice. Mont Blanc: cream and merengue underneath the marron cream, which I found a bit rough and grainy.
Aigre Douce

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    I was expecting the sponge and the cheese to be layered though~

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