Patisserie Madu (パティスリー・マディ) CLOSED

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Pear and grapefruit tart. The red part is a thin layer of grapefruit. It was take-away and I left it in the fridge for hours, so the tart got a bit soggy. The pear and the bottom part of the tart were very good though. Definitely should have eat-in.
Lemon cake. Matcha and red bean cake. Both very good. Like the matcha one more.
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Galette(rich egg taste and has some salt on the surface), financier(rich almond paste, very good!), madeleine(funny shape, taste okay).
Bread: On top are strawberry bread and apple bread. Bottom ones are gorgonzola and walnut(very good!), and french bread with red bean paste and butter(when I reheated the bread, the butter melted and was all squeezed out through the hole when I tried to eat it…almost got burnt). All the bread are soft type, very good!

6 thoughts on “Patisserie Madu (パティスリー・マディ) CLOSED

  1. mmm looks good!
    thanks for letting me join the ethnic lunch party today. it was just wonderful.
    またおいしいものたべにいこう :))

  2. ここのガレット、卵黄たっぷりだったでしょ~^^

  3. やっこさん>


  4. Wow the pear and grapefruit tart seems heavenly tasting! The red bean + macha cake and Lemon cake look like cookies. From the website the exterior and interior seems very authentic French looking.

  5. Actually I don’t have any plates at home…but it looks nicer to use the paper bag with the shop’s logo/design as background anyway. The paper is blue…^^;;

    The cakes are cookie size!

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