Bistro Chez AZUMA (シェ・アズマ)

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Organic salad. Most are cooked vegetables, very nice!
Marinated sea bream.

060819 034.jpgオニオングラタンスープ。
My god this is the best onion soup I have ever had! The soup is clear but with rich onion flavour; the soft slices of onions, the grilled melted cheese, the French bread soaked with the soup, are all perfect! I want to eat it again~~

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Roasted lamb with dried tomato sauce. The lamb is soft and not too fatty, the sauce has strong herb and chilli flavour, the side potato gratin is good too. Then I was a bit disppointed when the dessert came out…but the Creme Brulee has very rich vanilla flavour, and the mango sorbet and the peach compote are not bad.
We ordered the 5000yen dinner course. The salad, the sea bream and the lamb came in big plates for sharing between two people. The onion gratin soup and the dessert are of course for one person. We printed out a coupon from the homepage and got ourselves free Kir Royal, very good and strong alcohol for a free drink! Also ordered glass wine later but it was like 600yen a glass, very cheap. The only thing is, whether you order A la carte or full course, you have to share from a big plate and split yourself….and I am the laziest person on earth and hate doing that especially in French or Italian restaurants…the food gets cold quickly. ^^;;

3 thoughts on “Bistro Chez AZUMA (シェ・アズマ)

  1. オニオングラタンスープのチーズの焦げ目にやられそう^^;


  2. onion soup & lamb chop, so classic french but always so GOOD! I can never get tired of them (my mouth water at the onion soup), too bad the creme brulee is a bit miss. So strange that it’d be a sharing plate, kinda defeat the ‘course’ purpose…

  3. Freda>
    Yeah, actually I prefered the a la carte menu but I thought dinner course would be easier…but turned out the same anyway. ^^;;


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