Salsa Cabana (サルサ・カバナ)

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スパイシーチキン エンチラーダ、900円。
Spicy chicken Enchiladas. Hmm….the chicken tasted suspiciously like canned food, the green tomato sauce was too sour(supposed to be sour?), the corn tortilla was hard(supposed to be hard?), plus it was not ovened enough so not hot…just like my friend said about this place, the taste is very fastfood…while the price is not.
Salsa Cabana

4 thoughts on “Salsa Cabana (サルサ・カバナ)

  1. That sound sorry~ like lots of bad Mexican places here. Pre-packaged industrialized frozen food and sauce~ The tortilla shouldn’t be be hard even if it were hard shell kind (light & crispy).

  2. Exactly! Tasted like frozen food…
    The thing is I don’t know what good Mexican food tastes like, kinda hard to judge…but even look-wise, it is nothing compared to what you have there~

  3. yeah average/bland/bad mexican food is just no-no. Must be hard to find a good authentic one in Tokyo, probably doesn’t exist!

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