EL TORITO (エルトリート)

060830 001.JPGファヒータ ブリトー、1134円。
Fajitas Burrito. Beef fajitas, onion and sonora beans wrapped in flour tortilla. The tortilla is soft and the beef is juicy, but…the whole thing is unbelievably salty and has too much pepper!! It was difficult to grab the waitress and get more water…after I struggled to finish it and got out, I ran into the first convenience store in sight for drinks… ^^;; This place seems to be a chain restaurant, huge space and very family restaurant feel with kids running around.

8 thoughts on “EL TORITO (エルトリート)

  1. Is there a Mexican food boom in Tokyo or just you’re trying out/ ^^;;; Oh yeah El Torito is a chain here, I can’t believe they had a branch at Shibuya! It’s very bad Americanized Mexican food. Though they have a higher end version called “El torito Grill” opened at Beverly Hills, but I doubt it’s any better. Don’t let these two bad ones spoiled your Mexican food apprecation…^^;; (highly doubt there’d be authentic and good ones in Tokyo..)

  2. やっこさん>

    And I painstakingly made an entry out of this place…

    I am just trying out…never would have been interested if you hadn’t bombarded me with yumming pictures in your blog…^^;;
    It is “bad Americanized Mexican food”?! Damn…I read many recommendations of this place though…

  3. yikes el torritos…
    I was so disappointed when I had to attend a company party here….
    plus I was charged 5,000yen ($50)
    for this place!!
    ( I went to the Aoyama branch^^;)

  4. Hey I had no idea this place was so fiercely abhorred…^^;;
    But 5000yen?! People you went with must have drunk a lot!

  5. they probably did…-_-
    not too sure cuz I had to leave early.
    that’s the problem with Japanese warikan
    system. Everyone has to pay the same amount,
    no exceptions ^-^;;

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