Fruit Parlor Fukunaga(フルーツパーラー フクナガ)

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060826 012.jpgフルーツサンド(ハーフ)とコーヒーのセット、600円。
Fruit sandwich and peach parfait. The sandwich is just sliced fruits with whipped cream, the bread is not toasted(I wish it was). When I went I was the only customer and the owner was talkative and gave me a lecture about how you should eat the skin of peaches and not peel it away and waste all the nutrients in it…so my peach parfait came without having the skin peeled and I had to do it myself secretly, hiding the skin in tissue paper… ^^;; While I ate, two more loner customers came in and one girl seemed to be familar with the owner and she ordered the peach parfait too. When the owner started to give the same lecture, she said, “I WANT THE SKIN PEELED, JUST DO IT!” ^^;;; The parfait was okay…peach sorbet and vanilla ice-cream underneath.

Cherry parfait.

5 thoughts on “Fruit Parlor Fukunaga(フルーツパーラー フクナガ)

  1. 笑・・・ 

  2. yeah I would think that the bread un-toast will be soggy soon and too soft to be picked up with those blocks of fruits.
    The owner sounds like a nagging mom!!! XDDDD

  3. Freda>
    The sandwich was made after I ordered so it didn’t get soggy or anything. Even my mom doesn’t nag like that…^^;;


  4. そうかもね・・・(苦笑)


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