Sin Tong Kee (新東記)

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ラクサ、950円。 One of the rare Singaporean restaurants in Tokyo. Laksa – fat and round rice noodles in prawn based soup and coconut milk and chilli paste. Very very good! There were shredded chicken and dried pork and beansprouts underneath. The soup was very spicy and sweet, I drank all of it – very rare for me. The portion was a bit small though, should have ordered the L size.
Sin Tong Kee

7 thoughts on “Sin Tong Kee (新東記)

  1. HPみたらランチに海南鶏飯もあるのね!これ、1度は食べてみたいと思っていたのよね。

  2. Yum that sounds good! The soup seems so dense and oily to drink ^^;;; (but I understand the urge when it’s so tasty, I drank MSG noodle soup all the time)

  3. やっこさん>

    Salty soup like those in ramen places is hard to drink, but with coconut milk it is so sweet so addictive, also the bowl used is all designy – wide top narrow bottom, so not that much volume. ^^;;

    Exactly!! From the name of the place, I totally expected a rundown-chinese-restaurant-ish place, so was pleasantly surprised with the girl-friendly interior.

  4. ここって、漢に出てたところだったのね!今、気づいた^^;

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