Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ)

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A family restaurant with the endearing name “Milky Way” which offers a variety of parfaits for all Zodiac Signs(btw I am no fan of horoscope…^^;;). Pisces – which apparently is my sign – sounds boring so I picked Taurus: cheese cream, coffee and vanilla ice-cream, banana, sponge cake, and canned fruits at the bottom. Well it tasted like a normal parfait from any family restaurant…the cookies and the pies were a bit old too. Though the second-floor large window view of the busy flow of Ikebukuro is very nice.
Milky Way

4 thoughts on “Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ)

  1. へ~、星座のパフェがあるなんて知らなかった


  2. 本物のミルキーウェイ?

  3. What a funny gimmick!! The star cookies are cute~
    Aries (my sign) is regular wafu style…why is Aries wafu? I would have expected some bright orange, passion fruit thing as Aries is a fire sign. Leo seems so normal…
    They even include the new 13th zodiac…^^;;

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