Bistro D’arbre (ビストロ・ダルブル)

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冷たいカボチャスープ。 Cold pumpkin soup. Thin but sweet.
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Moussaka. A bit shocked when it came…it looked nothing like Moussaka! ^^;; It was just minced lamb meat stuffed inside a huge aubergine. The aubergine and all the other grilled vegetables were still very raw. Usually I am okay with lamb’s smell but this one smelt a bit too strong. Ratatouille sauce was great though.

060905 059.jpgフレッシュハーブティ。ランチは1200円。
So happy when the waitress said there was fresh herb tea…but either they put too little or the mint leaves were not strong flavour enough, even after brewing for quite a while, the tea was still rather tasteless. The environment was so nice though….
Bistro D’arbre

9 thoughts on “Bistro D’arbre (ビストロ・ダルブル)

  1. I really like the first photo, gives me a nostalgic feeling for some reason! Pity the food is quite blah ^^;;;?

  2. The place is so chic and nice, large windows, flowers…even the dishes look good on photo at least ^^;; What is Moussaka?

  3. Freda, you never had Moussaka? It is a baked dish with minced lamb and aubergine and tomato etc. Last time I had it was…in Sydney! ^^;;

    Hey RP! How are you? Yeah the 1st pic reminds me of university days…studying for exam in a school refectory.
    The food would not be so “blah” to me if I liked strong-smelling lamb and raw aubergine…

  4. Hey Seat! Me okay! You gals food blogs are one of the few blogs I can access at this new job, the web police do not recognize them as “blog, msg board or restaurant” :-D!

  5. ムサカって何って聞こうとしたら、もうすでに説明がリンクされてた^^;

  6. やっこさん>

    Lucky that you got a dumb police wahahaha! ^^;;;;

  7. 失礼しました。お店では私も食べたことないや^^;

  8. oh Moussaka sounds good, time to do research to see where in LA serve that 😀
    RP, your company’s internet censor blogs? what about LJ? even restaurant? woa….

  9. Freda, try look for Greek restaurant!


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