Marhaba (マルハバ)

060125 001.jpgLunch in a Pakistani restaurant. All the waitors and the chef were non-Japanese. I had the Mutton and beans curry lunch set. Hmm…maybe because I went late, the mutton curry was too watered down and not hot, so I left most of it. The waitor asked me if it was no good and I told him frankly “it was cold…” and he answered, “Thank you.”… what?! ^^;; The guy sitting behind me had curry pilaf and it looked really yummy….maybe I will go back for a second try.

060912 014.jpg060912 010.jpg
Mutton Biryani – mutton dried curry pilaf. Previous visit ended up in disappointment but I decided to give it another try…this time round was no good either….-o-;;;; The pilaf was so soggy without much curry taste, and there was this obviously-inedible strangely-crunchy thingy in the salad that I panicked to spit out….such popularity in many restaurant review sites though, why why why?!

4 thoughts on “Marhaba (マルハバ)

  1. ふ~ん、みんな☆5個とかだね~
    でも、ダメなんでしょ?! 困ったもんだ~

  2. そうだよ、、、☆5個だから再チャレンジする気になった。

  3. Maybe…maybe dinner is different. But there is the problem of hygiene…not sure I want to go again.

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