mashman’s cafe (マッシュマンズカフェ)

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice. Chai grilled pudding. Such a cute cafe with junks and toys and pictures over the place, very comfy and homely. Though it is better to eat your lunch somewhere nice and just have coffee and cake here. ^^;;
mashman’s cafe

5 thoughts on “mashman’s cafe (マッシュマンズカフェ)

  1. プリンは普通に美味しかったよ、ちゃんとチャイの味がする。

  2. The logo is so cute~~ It looks more like a toy collector’s apartment. the chicken rice is not good huh…

  3. A piece of tasteless chicken(despite the fancy name) on top of plain rice and a few slices of lettuce without any sauce…frankly quite terrible. ^^;; The chai pudding is better, but if you don’t order lunch, the cake is 450yen…not quite worth it.

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