Le Petit Tonneau – Kudan (ル・プティ・トノー)

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Dinner course 3800yen, glass champagne 1000yen, and glass wine 600yen. I booked this place a few days before but apparently it was not early enough because we had to sit by the open door which was a bit cold. The table right next to us was a bunch of girls who were making a racket right from the beginning before they even started drinking – it was a birthday party apparently. As a result we had to shout over our tiny table to be heard throughout our entire dinner. Many people were taking photos using flash – which was such a rare sight in Japan. The girls next to us were even taking photos with the French waitor, and my friend and I had to dodge and duck to avoid ending up in the background – I mean we were right behind them. ^^;; The menu for the drinks and cocktails was long and we were asked by the waitors a few times before we could decide on our drinks. The menu for the meal was even longer, we had to choose a cold appetizer, a hot appetizer, a main dish and a dessert, each of which has dozens of options with additional specials of the day etc., but we weren’t given much time, the two waitors kept coming back like 3 or 4 times in what I thought was only a short time, asking “Still not ready?”, which made us both very panicky and at the end, quite annoyed. We were there so early from like 6pm….I really had no idea what was the rush. From then we decided to only call on the Japanese waitress instead cos she was much more polite.
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鴨のフレッシュフォアグラと大根のポワレ ハチミツとスバイスのオレンジソース(+500円)。
Assorted delicatessen platter “Petit Tonneau” Style. All very good, and not too salty.
Fresh foie gras sautéed with turnip, orange sauce with honey and spice. An extra charge of 500yen. Not bad, though the foie gras itself was a bit mild tasting and not too creamy, while the sauce was salty.
The waitor came from my friend’s behind and said something like “C’est bien desuka?”, which made my friend jumped and dumbfounded….she couldn’t quite get over it. ^^;;;
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Traditional Petit Salé of pork served with lentils. The meat was quite soft and surprising not too salty. I thought there would be sauce but it was dry.
Cherry Tarte. Mainly almond cream with a thin slice of cherry on top. Not bad.
3800yen for a 4-course dinner without service charge and tax, is such a great deal. The food is quite good, waitors are all foreigners(French?) and many customers are foreigners too so it makes you forget that you are in Tokyo. The atmosphere is lively if you are in the mood for some noisy merrymaking. ^^;;
Le Petit Tonneau

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  1. すごい、長文~

  2. この値段でこの味、立派だよ。

  3. Cute warm interior! Pressuring impatient waiters are annoying…but then the reverse “laid back type who’d never come back’ is way too often in LA. ^^:; So I tend to apply pressure myself to decide and order asap or else you’d have to wait forever for the waiter to come back.

    The amount of food (4 dishes?) seems quite small for two of you based on your usual stadnard, I would have expect at least one more entree. ^^;;

  4. Actually after we ordered, we were having trouble trying to get the waitress’ attention whenever we needed something…err…^^;;;

    Hey, all the pics, all 4 dishes were mine only! ^^;; My friend ordered different appetizers and main course but I didn’t take pics of that.

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