Salon de thé Châtelet (ティールーム シャトレー)

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A tea room less than 10 mins walk from the busy area of the Ikebukuro station but well hidden in the middle of a quiet residential area. The cabbage roll tastes very homemade…the slice cheese makes it look homemade too. ^^;;; Borsch-like soup is very good, and the big portion of meat inside is filling. Comes with salad, corn potage, rice and coffee. They have a variety of cakes available but apparently only the cheese cake is homemade. Two old gents were chatting at a corner and latter I realised one of them was the owner. Amazing how a short walk can gain you a quiet and slow lunch experience~

7 thoughts on “Salon de thé Châtelet (ティールーム シャトレー)

  1. で、チーズケーキのお味は?

  2. やっぱり聞いてきた、、、普通だったよ(笑)


  3. 池袋カイザーのカフェは日本初ってHPに書いてあったけど、コレドのはカフェじゃないのかな?

  4. カフェスペースはコレドより広いよ。

  5. The restaurant has such cute eye-catching front. Did you randomly came upon it just walking into the residential area?
    The slab of cheese on top of the roll cabbage is a nice touch!

  6. Oh no no, I am usually starving when I go out for lunch(which is also my breakfast ^^;;) and don’t have the happy leisure of wandering aimlessly into the unknown neighbourhood. I found this place in one of the dozens of foodblogs I skim through regularly. ^^;;

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