060202 036.jpgカキと下仁田葱のクリームスパゲッティー。Spaghetti with oyster and spring onion, cream sauce. Pumpkin potage, cream caramel dessert, self-service salad and drinks(very basic stuff) included, 1050yen. The pasta came out like 5 minutes after I ordered…how could it be good? The meat dishes other people ordered seemed soooooo much better…really regret! ^^;

060913 009.jpg060913 008.jpg
Came back to try the meat dish…disappointed again. Simmiered beef saute, estragon sauce – the meat hard and rough and rather tasteless. Self-service bar included potato salad, sweet corn, green salad, tea and coffee. Also came with cold green pea soup(not sweet and quite hard to drink), rice, and a small piece of chocolate mousse which was too sweet. Well a lot of food for 1050 yen though.

2 thoughts on “Cappello(カッペロ)

  1. How come no pictures for the soup and cake?
    Ha I noticed most of the pictures of the places you go to, 99.9% are all female customers in them. ^^;;

  2. They don’t look/taste good so can’t be bother.
    Tomoko used to say that most guys go to yoshinoya or those deishoku fish set places…well I like deishoku too but difficult for girls to go in alone, also when it is crowded, you need to share tables with other customers…err.

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