Patisserie Mariage (パティスリー マリアージュ)

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Mont Blanc. Marron crepe.
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Chocolate mousse cake. Camenbert cheese cake.
I liked the cheese cake, which was soft souffle with melted cheese in the middle. The rest were pretty normal though. I had problem finishing the chocolate mousse one cos it was too sweet and not chocolatey enough. The cake shop is located on a beautiful tree-lined avenue, and when I went on another sunny day on the weekends, the ceiling-to-floor windows were all opened up and people were sitting outside. I loved the interior and couldn’t help snapping lots of pictures but I was told off by the staff….later I realised that no-photo signs were all over the shop…^^;;;; So the second time I bought take-away instead, but they didn’t pack the cakes properly and they ended up a bit of a mess(the photos show the unsquashed sides). There was a sign next to the cashier telling customers not to carry cakes with bicycles….err….
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キャラメル オレンジ。蜂蜜とイチジク。オレンジピールのパンケーキ。
Caramel and orange: Orange and caramel chiboust. There are caramel sauce and almonds in the middle layer. Tastes okay. I have tried a couple of cakes from this place but none of them is really impressive. However, they do have a large collection of cookies and baked finger cakes so I tried a couple of those. Honey and semi-dried fig Madeleine. Pound cake with orange peels.
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Financier in Teddy bear shape. Madeleine with marron and cassis. Galette. All of them are actually quite good, a bit on the light-tasting side. Particularly like the pound cake which is the only one rich with butter, and the sour-sweet madeleine with marron and cassis.
Patisserie Mariage

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  1. Wonder why the no photo policy… the brightly lit interior and is so nicely decorated, surely it’d be a compliment for people wanting to take pictures. Unless they’re preventing copycats ‘researching’ the place ^^;;

    Nice you got flickr too? Funny name ^^;;; Lemme add you, so you can see my ‘friends/family only’ photos. I see that you had that online bookmark thing, I installed it too~

  2. カマンベールチーズケーキってあんまり好まないんだ~

  3. やっこさん>

    The interior is nice but not so copy-worthy I think?

    Flickr, haha, they don’t allow me to use seat or eats, so eats x3…^^;; I actually just use it to store the old food photos that I have already blogged ages ago and don’t need anymore, now I can just delete them from my computer~
    Oh happy to see the bigger version of your sexy bikini pics~ ^^;;;

    That bookmark thing really saves me the hassle of sending url I have found between home and work computers~. Though it is not as fast to load as I hope~ Oh haha I know you joined, cos my blog wasn’t bookmarked by anyone until you did. ^^;; btw, check out the tag “listen”, I don’t actually have those files(not downloadable I think), but can listen to the whole album free from the net. Kasabian and starsailor are very good.

  4. そう、酸味がない!

  5. Never understand the “no photo” policy.
    The Maron Crepe is a small crepe fit into a cup?

    Cool name for Flickr!

  6. Yeah just a normal-tasting thin crepe folded into a cup. Looks fancy but tastes so-so…

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