Maison Kayser (メゾンカイザー)

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スープランチ: サーモン、ほたて、小海老のクリームスープ、パン、サラダとコーヒー付きで、1200円。
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One of my favourite bakeries opening a new cafe branch in Ikebukuro made me so happy for weeks. Their cafe inside Nihonbashi Coredo does very nice lunch(see below). But to my disappointment, Ikebukuro branch only has salad lunch, sandwich lunch and soup lunch in their menu. I picked the soup lunch, which was prawn, scallop and salmon cream soup, with a basket of bread, ratatouille salad and coffee included, 1200yen. The soup was okay, just like those American thick heavy salty type of cream soup, e.g. Chowder’s…but Chowder’s is much cheaper. What really shocked me was the bread…it was a bit soggy!! What happened?! Newly trained staff put too much water in it??? It didn’t taste right either, pain aux noix(walnut bread) is one of my favourites and I have eaten it many times, but this one included in the basket didn’t taste good at all. I also ordered the caramel ice-cream which was 200yen extra – rather watery and thin. Gosh all that costed me 1400yen….(-o-;;;;;;;)
Cafe: 1, 2
Bakery take-out nextdoor: 1
Lunch at Nihonbashi Coredo. Pork cream stew and chocolate tart. Very good!
Maison Kayser

8 thoughts on “Maison Kayser (メゾンカイザー)

  1. Haha “those American thick heavy salty type of cream soup”…I totally get it when you describe it like that. These type of eperating branch is always worrying. Perhaps they cheapen down the quality since this is a cafe version, or it’s under different management than the bakery.

    Hey nice use of flickr!! You had lots of pictures there before, what happen to them?

  2. The branch doing nicer lunch is mainly a bakery, with only a few tables for eat-in, Ikebukuro is actually the biggest cafe of Maision Kayser I know of, yet the quality is the worst. I had soup from Chowder’s before, and if you order a set, a small baguette will come with it and I think the baguette had the logo of Maison Kayser…I am suspecting the soup is actually from Chowder’s. ^^;;;

    I deleted the photos because I realised if you want to see and share the 200 photos you uploaded last month, you need to upgrade to pro version. Have I misunderstood?
    I also realised too late the shocking fact that even if you delete your photos, you don’t get the memory back. So the limit is on the bandwidth as well as storage…
    I should have known there is no such juicy deal…

  3. ベーカリーで売ってるパンは大丈夫なのかな?

  4. 隣テーブルのサンドイッチランチは、

  5. what…so you delete those photo for nothing! oh no~ Maybe you should just pay…^^;;; Joan paid for the account so it’s a good storage space for us.

  6. What? You paid? Are you storing the food pics there?
    I was actually thinking only upload the thumbnail pics to your server, and the bigger pics just link to Flickr…but Flickr is a bit heavy to load so I am not so sure. How much space do you have left for the blogs?

  7. The flickr is for non-food pic only, pictures of cool things or friends’ photo it’s for ‘social’ purpose I think..? ^^;;; Oh the space I have left here…I completely forgot about that. We used up about 757.51 MB, and total is 1100 MB…that gave us…300MB left. I can upgrade to increase the space for a bit more $ each month so until we’re almost fill up…we’re fine for now.

  8. I paid and upgraded my Flickr account to pro version – well it is quite cheap. I have a couple of draft entries uploaded already but from now on I will upload my bigger photos to Flickr and just the thumbnails to your server~. Thanks so much for letting me use your memory for so long! (I never thought I would continue this blog for so long in the first place ^^;;;;)

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