Bar Del Sole@Shinagawa (高輪バール・デル・ソーレ@品川)

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061003 037.jpgマグロのカルパッチョ、いわしのエスカベーシュ、ベーコンとブロッコリーとインゲン豆のトマトソーススパゲッティ、豚ロースのグリル、ザバイオーネアイスとカフェマキアート、1000円。
Appetizer: tuna carpaccio and sardine escabeche. Pasta: bacon, broccoli and kidney beans in tomato sauce. Main: grilled pork. Cafe Macchiato and Zabaione ice-cream. Comes with salad and some really cold and hard bread. You need to choose 2 appetizers from 5, a pasta from 2, fish or meat for the main, rice or bread, even ice-cream and drinks have a long menu. I would have been overjoyed to have so many choices if the food had been good, but the quality was not worth all the fuss….Lunch was 1000yen, certainly cheap for a “full course” I guess. ^^;;;
Bar Del Sole

2 thoughts on “Bar Del Sole@Shinagawa (高輪バール・デル・ソーレ@品川)

  1. Pasta as appertizer…? ^^;; This is a very Japanese thing I think…lunch set dazzled with seemingly lots of choices and low price, you’d wonder how’s it worth for them. But actually if you studied the menu carefully, almost all of them shared the same ingredients, just mix and match into different flavor and items.

  2. Yeah, rather than having lots of choices that taste no good, just concentrate on one dish and make it right!

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