Pesce (ペッシュ)

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060926 087.jpgプッタネスカ(オリーブ、ケッパー、アンチョビのトマトソース)、1050円。レモンチーズタルト、+210円。
Puttanesca(olive, caper, anchovy in tomato sauce). Lemon cheese tart. The tomato sauce tastes very canned tomatoes(^^;;) but hearty and comforting and in big portion – like eating at home. The tart is just so-so though. So many kids and seniors even on a weekday’s lunch time, probably living nearby?

4 thoughts on “Pesce (ペッシュ)

  1. 昨日は我が家もトマトソースのパスタだったよ。

  2. やっこさん>

    The tart is not frozen, just a bit dry~
    This pasta place is more casual than other restaurants so I guess more family-friendly.

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