La Campana (ラ・カンパーナ)

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Holiday lunch at a Spanish restaurant. Gazpacho – Spanish chilled soup made from tomato, cucumber, onion and bell pepper. Very nice and refreshing.
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Bocadillo(Spanish sandwich) with grilled spicy pork, cheese and tomato. Also fried anago and spanish omelette and salad. Good quality food…and in large quantity! The baguette is fresh, the salad is delicious, and the anago is just fried and very hot. I did want a little bit more salt for the anago and the omelette, but I was happy enough.
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The lemon and chocolate cake is pretty normal though. Lunch menu here and here.
La Campana

6 thoughts on “La Campana (ラ・カンパーナ)

  1. rare to see you have sandwiches. So cozy and pretty with the trees outside. I was going to say the portion is like American sizes. Anago is more Japanese than Spanish?

  2. これこそ、まさに私の好みのプレートランチだわ!!

  3. I had a Gazpacho over the weekend too, I never knew how to spell that…now I know…^^;;;

  4. やっこさん>

    I only remembered the Japanese name and had to search the English name in the web…^^;;

    Sandwiches don’t fill me up so I seldom order…it is Japan size you know. But I was really stuffed in this place. Yeah, haha, anago is probably not the typical tapas…

  5. うう~、それを言われると、、、^^;

  6. スウィーツブログよりトシちゃんブログになってるよ、、、(笑)

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