petit d’or (プティドール)

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061015 145Mont Blanc, Tarte aux Fruits, Tarte Poire, galette and matcha cookie. The Mont Blanc is the best! Multi-layers from top to bottom: marron cream, whipped cream, marron paste, sponge cake strong with alcohol, and chocolate coated sucré. It is very small but so rich with marron flavour – I love it! The fruit tart and the pear tart are not bad too, though the tart is the soft type, not the crispy type I like. The pear one is very sweet. The cookies however are no good, mainly because they are not properly sealed and are not crispy, even though I think they are probably not that old.
petit d’or

5 thoughts on “petit d’or (プティドール)

  1. Cute green heart! ^^;; Maybe those cookies were the soft type (American kind)? Pear tart is always my pick. The floral pattern wrapping paper is so pretty!

    Wouldn’t it be fun if our blog have a ‘tag’ function (it doesn’t, only version 3.0 has it), and you have a “mont blanc’ tag, it’d be fun to see many versions of it.

  2. モンブランの回りはマロンクリームで、中にマロンペーストが入ってるの?

  3. やっこさん>

    Definitely not supposed to be the soft American type cookies. ^^;; The flower pattern background is the carrier bag from the shop~.
    Yeah I was actually checking out the tag function, seems much easier to manage than categories.
    Hey autumn is short, must eat as much Mont Blanc as I can! ^^;;;

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