WungThong Thai Restaurant (ワントーン)

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061029 050エビとレモングラス炒め、1050円。もち米、350円。
This place used to be “Thai Classic” but before I had a chance to try it, the owner changed and turned into another restaurant, also Thai. Went around 8pm and wanted fish, but all the fish were already sold out. I had the stir-fried prawn with lemon grass, which was very nice, refreshing lemongrass smell, lots of other ingredients including mushroom, cashew nuts, carrot, onion, bell pepper and two kinds of chilli. I requested for more spicy taste and it came out really hot, not tongue-numbingly hot though, until I tried to eat the chilli. ^^;; Glutinous rice was a bit hard and dry, should have ordered normal rice.