Bistro Chez AZUMA (シェ・アズマ)

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Onion gratin soup. Roasted lamb in dried tomato sauce. Both were very good! My friend ordered guinea fowl and gave me a bite to try, very yummy too. The waitress was very friendly.
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Ginger Blanc manger and chocolate mousse. The dessert is a bit weak, compared to the good quality of previous courses. Lunch menu is surprisingly large to give more variety than most French restaurants offer at lunch. Price ranging from 1000yen to 2800yen. Took a bunch of friends who were rather broke but wanted good food, so the 1000yen lunch was my original plan. But once I said the onion soup was very good here, and only the 2800yen lunch included that…plan changed immediately. ^^;;
Been here before(see tag). I wanted the same onion soup but I completely forgot that I had lamb last time and ordered lamb again….even the sauce was the same! Damn! ^^;; Oh and you don’t have to split from big plates yourself at lunch time. Great for lazy butts like me!