PÂTISSIER INAMURA SHOZO (パティシェ イナムラ ショウゾウ)

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“Hagoromo mont blanc” is limited seasonal item. Apparently 10 Japanese marrons are used to make one of these, and there is definitely no cheating because I have never eaten a mont blanc that has such a thick layer of marron paste and tastes so rich! Inside is fresh cream and one whole chestnut cooked in syrup, bottom is chocolate macarons. It is amazing, and surprisingly not too sweet!
061107 028061107 001
Sweet Osmanthus mousse with fresh cream and sponge cake at the bottom. So creamy and very nice fruity flower fragrance. Also first time I see a doorman for a cake shop! ^^;;;
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061109 004上野の山のモンブラン。ポムカネル。
Mont blanc. Layered from top to bottom with marron paste, fresh cream, sponge, custard cream, and sponge again. Also some marron bits here and there. This regular Mont blanc can’t quite beat the more luxurious “Hagoromo mont blanc” above in terms of the (marron/other stuff) ratio, and the richness of the marron itself, but it is quite nice nonetheless, and a bit cheaper. Think of it as a marron sponge cake rather than a Mont Blanc. Another seasonal item – green apple mousse, cinnamon apple, caramel mousse, and chocolate sponge as the base. Nice combination of sweet and sour. Got the Lemon pound cake to take away too – everyone in the line in front of me got the lemon cake so I just followed. ^^;; Lovely lemony flavour and moist texture. Can keep it for 4 days but I ate it in 2 by myself easily.