La Goulue (ラ・グーリュ@巣鴨)

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Saury Carpaccio, Balsamico sauce.
Pan-fried gurnard, with coriander – the vegetables and the sauce make it quite chinese tasting.
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Roasted venison, walnut sauce. Rather bland, but the meat is soft.
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061110 124洋梨、キャラメルソース、チョコレートムース。
Pear in caramel sauce and chocolate mousse.
Lunch set is 3675yen. Price is not cheap considering the location. It is one of the restaurants I heard about and wanted to try but never quite got the chance and sorta forgot about it for years. Didn’t feel comfortable about dragging friends to go with me so I just went alone. Unfortunately the attentive service didn’t quite make up for the mediocre quality. Good thing that I was alone…
La Goulue