Atelier de mannebiches (アトリエ・ド・マヌビッシュ@春日)

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The square-cut white bread is famous in this local bakery so I just got it even though I have no butter/jam/spread of any kind in my fridge, and I confess I can’t eat white bread on its own. Toasted it and ate it with just honey, nice nice.
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Apricot and walnut. Maple and walnut. Roasted beef sandwich – lots of pepper and onions.
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Camenbert cheese sandwich. Pork salami and cheese focaccia(salty but quite good). Sausage Casse-Croute.
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French toast(soaked with egg, very good!). Marron Danish(marron paste and sweet potato inside).
Chou Citron. Pumpkin cream eclair, bread with walnut, bread with chocolate and banana.
Atelier de mannebiches