Department store sweets

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061103 050金沢和音(池袋東武): かぼちゃ餅(道明寺)、つき餅(つぶあん)、栗大福。
Pumpkin mochi(pumpkin paste inside), Tsuki mochi(mochi freshly made from rice-pounding, lightly salted red bean on top), and chestnut daifuku. All are sticky and nice. The two mochi have harder texture while the daifuku has very soft skin.

061021 059銀座かずや
A very popular Japanese sweet which gets sold out quickly – people queue up outside the shop before it opens apparently. The fresh ones are probably only sold in the original shop in Ginza, but my friend got the packed version in a department store. The matcha taste is so strong and bitter, which I like a lot, the texture is smooth and sticky.

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Dango with corn paste on top is nice, very sticky and chewy. Daifuku with red bean paste is okay.

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栗雅楽: 栗餡を二層のしぐれで包み込んだ。
嘉千栗: 蜜漬けした栗を栗きんとんで包んだ。
Two sweets made from chestnuts. Not really my favourite…
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More chestnut sweets. The one on the left has chestnut paste and red bean inside, better than the one on the right, which I can’t recall the taste at all…