Prik (プリック)

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Dinner alone at a Thai restaurant. Fried catfish with chilli, 1800yen. SPY pink Premium wine cooler, 400yen. Plain rice 300yen. Considering the location is obscure and far from Ikebukuro station and the decor isn’t up to much, the menu is priced like a fancy upscale restaurant. The deep-fried catifsh is very dry, not a good choice, but so many different spices are used and the sauce is so full of flavours. Coconut milk is added so it is sweet too. I told the waitress that I can eat very hot food and it came very spicy. I was instantly hooked(to the sauce), had to refrain from stuffing the spice leaves into my mouth. The pink drink is only 4% alcohol, very sweet and artificial coloured/flavoured.
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Went back again and ordered the seafood with the same sauce. There are squid, prawn, green pepper, mussel and scallop in it. Just as good as last time. Really a shame that it is so expensive, otherwise I would go back and try other things too~