Restaurant Kobayashi (レストランコバヤシ@平井)

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Complementary appetizer is sardine and butter on crackers. Tasty! While the bread is just so-so.
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活け締め鮟鱇(あんこう)とあん肝のジュレ テリーヌ グリーンペッパーとディル風味。
Appetizer from Today’s menu: Ankou(angler fish) and Ankimo gelee(jelly) terrine, with green pepper and dill. Ankimo is like foie gras, slightly bitter but decently prepared that it doesn’t have any unpleasant taste. The jelly makes the whole thing very refreshing and light.
Fish soup. Very thick and strong prawn taste. Would have really loved it if it were not just lukewarm.
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北海道産 雌エゾ鹿とフォワグラのパイ包み焼き 丹波産 栗添え。
Also from Today’s menu: Hokkaido Ezo vension and foie gras pie, with chestnuts. I knew this choice would be heavy and was prepared for it, but what came out was 10 times heavier than what I expected. The pie was loaded with butter which was fine, but it was not as crispy as I would have liked…nothing is more difficult to cope with than an uncrispy pie. Furthermore, it was drowned in very strong sauce made from gibier. One bite, and I thought I could eat no more. Probably should have ordered roasted meat instead of stuffed pie. Couldn’t help envying the wild duck at the table next to us.
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紅玉りんごのタルト バニラのアイスクリーム添え。
フランス産レンズ豆とバナナのコンポート 和三盆糖を使った牛乳のシャーベット。
My friend and I ordered different desserts to share. Apple tart with vanilla ice-cream. Again not crispy enough. My friend who likes to cook, said that maybe there were too many orders that the oven was overloaded and couldn’t maintain high enough heat to bake crispy pies.
Lentil and banana compote, with milk sorbet. Quite simple but not bad.
Dinner course is about 5000yen but there are additional charges for most of the options on the menu. The extra charge for my appetizer and main dish was about 5000yen. House wine is 840yen per glass and not quite generous in volume. Maybe because it was right before Christmas that the restaurant was full even on a weekday, and there was a lot of waiting between the courses. The manager served alright but he was too busy. The other waitor was incredibly unmotivated and we had to ask him twice for water refills as if we were in a family restaurant. All the waiting also forced us into the unhappy situation of having to rush through our coffee and petit four at the end, even though we arrived at the restaurant pretty early….the dinner took 4 hours!
Today’s menu here.
Restaurant Kobayashi