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Dinner at a restaurant serving California cuisine(The name card says “Tokyo Internation Cuisine”). Very tiny place at the basement, basic decor and very quiet – could be a little claustrophobic at first. Check out the interior here.
The little samosa(potato as stuffing I think) and prawn are complementary appetizer which is nice. Two of us chose from the a la carte menu and shared 1 appetizer, 1 risotto and two meat dishes. The service staff offered to split the dishes for us, so all the pictures are half portion, except the risotto which we had to cut it ourself.
Crispy fried crab pot stickers on chopped vegetables salad. Simple but quite good.
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Lombardia taleggio cheese risotto cakes with sauteed shrimp, oregano and hot plum tomatoes salsa. Risotto cake…is just risotto. Quite spicy. Portion tiny.
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Chargrilled SPF Kirishima pork with pickled pimientos, and Spanish Valdeon blue cheese and red wine sauce. The pork is okay, love the blue cheese.
Mexican lamb stroganoff with pan-fried green tomatoes, tortillas salad with jalapeno cream. Very spicy and a little salty. We both craved rice while eating this. The meat is tender.
We didn’t order dessert because the friend who told me about this place said the dessert is expensive(800yen~) and very small portion so not so worth it. With a glass of champagne, it is 5000yen per person. The food is not bad, though taste-wise the food doesn’t leave much impression on me. The dinner menu has rather limited choices: 1, 2.

3 thoughts on “RELLENO SUGAWARA (ルエノ・スガワラ)

  1. haha Californian cuisine (basically means fusion right?…^^;;) The ingredient used sound unpredictable yet somehow not very tempting nor interesting either (and usually don’t taste that impressive)…that’s the thing about ‘Californian’…dunno why…^^;;;

  2. 行ったんだね!ランチじゃなかったのね。


  3. ひーさん>

    It is not really fusion by the dish, but only a menu with dishes from different countries. The name is so damn long and fancy but the taste is rather simple. I think if the portion were Californian size too, I would be more satisfied…my friend and I were both not full and went for parfaits afterwards…^^;;;;

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