Patisserie Grasstiara (パティスリー・グラスティアラ)

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061223 098Caramel and chocolate Mont Blanc with marron. Not so good and quite expensive(about 840yen). Cute decor and almost always empty that you can sit forever – a great hangout place.

2 thoughts on “Patisserie Grasstiara (パティスリー・グラスティアラ)

  1. almost empty in Tokyo cake shop…indicate…^^;; It seems like a big mont blanc though, unless it’s illusion of photograph.

  2. Haha…I didn’t expect it too be fantastic in the first place, but we both thought the mont blanc was made of marron cream, but instead the only marron was the two pieces on top. It is normal size actually, underneath is sponge cake. We had French lunch and came here for a chat so 2 of us shared it lo.

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