Beige Tokyo (ベージュ東京)

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Much-hyped French restaurant on the 10th floor of the new Chanel building in Ginza, apparently a collaboration of Chanel with a renowned French chef(better not mention his name). Rumour has it that the food is “….”, but a friend wanted to try it anyway before leaving Tokyo for good, so we went, slightly intimidated by the high ceiling and the army of staff in black Chanel suits, ate the 8000yen lunch course, drank the 2000yen champagne, and consequently confirmed that the rumour is true afterall. ^^;;;;;;;
Foie gras soup.
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The brownish round thing is butter with mushroom mixed in it, with the bread it is quite nice.
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Uni and scallop coquille.
Cod piqué(??) with bacon, pumpkin and trumpet mushroom, sauce dolce forte.
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Roasted pork loin meat, with potato.
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カレ・シャネル ショコラープラリネ、グラス ノワゼット。
Carré Chanel chocolate praliné, glace noisette. Apart from bread and butter, the dessert is also very good. Though to our irritation, coffee is not included in the course.
Beige Tokyo

7 thoughts on “Beige Tokyo (ベージュ東京)

  1. もう、何を食べたかも思い出せないけど、

  2. Gosh no way….^^;;;
    At least the photo looks good, the presentation are very classy and highend. Only the dessert chef is good? (and bakery from wherever it is). What is foie gras soup though?

  3. so meat pain though, for such high price…
    It’s more about the granduer of Chanel as it seems…

  4. Foie gras soup is just some cream soup with foie gras taste. It is so-so…^^;;
    The two long candy thing sticking out of the dessert is supposed to form the chanel logo. And look closely at the chocolate…chanel logo too. ^^;;;

  5. Ah yeah I saw the Chanel logo~ They should have ‘powder’ the logo on the macaron too…^^:; Might as well foam the logo on top of the soup, burn the mark on the bread…etc. The sticks seem too straight to resemble the chanel logo? ^^:;

  6. Yeah I thought they were too straight to look like chanel logo too…^^;;
    Maybe they think that showing the logo too much will make it cheap~

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