Au gout du jour (オーグー ドゥ ジュール@麹町)

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Chef’s lunch course 6300yen.
Scallop, crab and Tsubugai shellfish consomme jelly.
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カリフラワーのブルーテ トリュフ風味。
Cauliflower velouté with truffle. This is so nice!! The fragrance of the truffle is astonishing. Such a big piece too. The cauliflower soup is super sweet.
Completely forgot what the fish was…not much impression taste-wise either.
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060111 005鴨胸肉とフォアグラのポアレ 白隠元豆のバルサミコヴィネガー煮込み。
Duck breast and foie gras with white kidney beans in Balsamic vinegar sauce. At first I was not too excited about Balsamic sauce and kidney beans, but this is absolutely delicious! The duck is tender and foie gras is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.
For dessert I had mascarpone cheese cake. A bit light to my taste, but not bad.
Service is attentive but not too intrusive. One of my friends brought a cake to the restaurant and the staff cut and served the cake after the course dessert. Very accommodating.
Au gout du jour

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  1. 鴨がすごくピンク色できれい~


  2. やっこさん>

    Me too. My impression of kidney beans = canned beans = cheap food ^^;;

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