My Le@Kamata (ミ・レイ@蒲田)

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魚、肉、海老の生春巻き。 パパイヤのサラダ。
Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.
3 types of spring roll: fish, pork and prawn.
Papaya salad.
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揚げ春巻き。 海老のココナッツジュース蒸し。
Fried spring roll.
Prawn steamed in coconut juice.
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ベトナム風水餃子。 海老せんべい。
Vietnamese dumplings(some sausage on top). Prawn crackers.
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ベトナム風お好み焼き。 サンドイッチ(焼豚)。
Vietnamese okonomiyaki. Pork sandwich.
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魚のあんかけ。 鶏のレモングラス炒め。
Fish with sweet ketchup-ish sauce. Chicken with lemon grass.
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蟹とトマトのビーフン。 鶏肉のフォー。
Prawn and tomato flat rice noodles.
Chicken Pho.
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Beef balls noodles. Fried banana.
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060220 193バナナぜんざい。 ベトナム風おしるこ。仙草ゼリーとドライフルーツのチェーとバジルシードのチェー。

Banana zenzai(not really zenzai). Vietnamese oshiruko(not really oshiruko). Sensou(Chinese mesona) jelly. Dried fruit che. Basil seed che. Actually they all have similar ingredients(coconut milk, jelly, tapioca etc.) and similar taste.

I was very impressed with the food on my previous visits(see tag) to this Vietnamese place but I think the quality has dropped somewhat. It is still good and cheap(all that food shared between 6 people and lots of drinks – 4000yen per person), but then the location is inconvenient so….

2 thoughts on “My Le@Kamata (ミ・レイ@蒲田)

  1. I love those Vietnamese sausage (love them on sandwich!).
    Vietnamese okonomiyaki XD It’s like an omelette~ so you guys went with a big group to share these (have to be)? It’s a pity they don’t offer Vietnamese street food that’s kinda like tapas/izakaya, perfect for sharing. I only read about them in magazine…sigh, guess it’s hard to find a Vietnamese restaurnat aboard to try those street food~

  2. There were 6 of us…ordered too much as usual? ^^;;
    I’ve never been to Vietnam~ want to go! Though I doubt I have the gut to really eat on the streets.

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